Whenever a foreigner asks me for recommendations, Bohol is always in my top three. The reason is simple: a large variety of amazing attractions.

Sure, other islands in the Philippines are worth recommending, too, but a lot of boast one or two of the following — white beaches, extraordinary sites, diverse wildlife, interesting history. Bohol has them all. From wild encounters with dolphins to the incomparable views of the chocolate Hills, Bohol is a province that is easy to promote. It doesn’t need much sales talk. and given that I’ve only explored the southern edge of the province and a few of its islands, I wonder just how much harder I would love Bohol when I point my compass northward.

Here’s some information I have gathered in the three times that I checked out Bohol. hope it could help you plan your trip to this one-of-a-kind tropical paradise!


How to get to Bohol
Places to check out in Bohol
Bohol Tours
Getting around Bohol
Sample 3D/2N Bohol Itinerary
Budget Breakdown

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How to get to Bohol

The fastest and easiest way is by plane. Cebu Pacific Air, Philippine Airlines (PAL), and AirAsia Zest operate multiple flights from Manila to Tagbilaran City, the capital of Bohol. travel time is around 1 hour and 15 minutes.

You may also opt to travel by boat. Tagbilaran City Pier is the destination of a number of ships coming from Manila. There are also vessels from other parts of the Visayas including Dumaguete and Cebu. If you’re coming from Mindanao, you may hop on a boat to Bohol in Cagayan de Oro and Dipolog. There are also boats from Camiguin but the destination is Jagna in the southeastern corner of Bohol.

Places to check out in Bohol

Again, I have only set foot on the southern coast of the main island up to the chocolate Hills and some outlying islands. here are some attractions that you might not want to miss. The photos are linked to certain articles narrating in detail my experience at the place.

Chocolate Hills

Bilar-Loboc Man-made Forest

Virgin Island (Pungtud Island)

Panglao Island

Philippine Tarsier Foundation, Corella

Simply Butterflies Conservation Center

Bohol Bee Farm

Loboc River Cruise

Sandugo Site, Tagbilaran

Churches of Baclayon, Albur, Dauis, and Loboc

Balicasag Island (Dolphin enjoying and snorkeling)

Pandanon Island

Here are other destinations you must also check out:

Pamilacan Island. A small island that has become a favorite among divers and snorkelers. It is popular for dolphin-watching and whale-watching.

Danao adventure Park. A destination for the a lot more adventurous! located in the municipality of Danao, it uses a large variety of extreme yet educational activities including suislide, river trekking, kayaking, root climbing, and rappelling.

Hinagdanan Cave. A naturally lit limestone cavern in Panglao Island.

Anda, Bohol. tucked in the extreme eastern edge of the province, the municipality of Anda boasts a number of white beaches and other natural attractions.

Mag-aso Falls in Antiquera

Punta Cruz enjoy Tower at Maribojoc Bay

Sagbayan Peak

The north remains waiting for me and I hope I could go back soon.

Bohol Tours

The two a lot of popular excursions in Bohol are the Island-Hopping excursion and the so-called Countryside Tour. but here’s a list of the other excursions with the destinations that are normally covered.

Countryside Tour. normally stops at chocolate Hills, Sandugo Site, Baclayon Church, Loboc River Cruise, Manmade Forest, and other smaller attractions (some of which are just vacationer traps, to be quite honest.)

Island-Hopping Tour. normally involves dolphin-watching and snorkeling in Balicasag Island and Virgin Island. rates vary from P1500-P2500 per head.

Danao extreme Adventure. A whole-day stay at Danao adventure Park.

Sagbayan height Tour. normally stops at Sagbayan Peak, Mag-aso Falls, Punta Cruz Watchtower, Hinagdanan Cave.

Firefly Tour. frequently starts with dinner at a restaurant and then moves on to Loboc River for the tour.

Getting around Bohol

Getting around the island can be a little difficult for tourists who wish to make the most of their stay. For short distances, the humble tricycle is a good choice. It’s low-cost and can be easily found in the streets of Tagbilaran. These trikes can take you to any point of the city and other neighboring towns like Panglao, Dauis, and Baclayon.

For inter-town travels, public transportation such as buses and jeepneys, while safe can be unreliable due to inconsistent schedules. If you want to see so lots of places within a short period of time, these modes of transportation might verify inefficient. For this, I recommend chartering a private automobile or joining a tour.

If you know how to drive a motorcycle, you can rent one for P300 to P1000 depending on the model. automobile rentals are also available, P1500 to P2500. the best thing about renting a automobile is that you get to divide the cost with your companions.

For island-hopping, boat rental cost varies depending on the season, boat size, and which islands you want to visit. the most common is Virgin Island + Balicasag Island, which is normally at P1500-P2500. It can ferry up to 10 passengers.

Another good option is to just join a pre-arranged group tour. You will join other groups and the cost will be divided among the group. a lot of resorts and hotels offer excursions but the rates, as always, vary according to the number of persons joining the tour. For example, on my a lot of recent check out to Bohol, Bagobo beach resort in Panglao Island charged us only P4200, which is inclusive of the following:

4 days/3 nights accommodations (basic airconditioned room)

countryside excursion (Loboc, Baclayon, chocolate Hills)

sea excursion (Virgin Island, Balicasag Island)

breakfasts and dinners

land and boat transfers

We were a group of six. It could still go lower if the group was bigger. In comparison, in my previous trip, we were charged P3800 per head. We were a party of eight that time.

Sample 3D/2N Bohol Itinerary

If it’s your first time in Bohol, you might want to try the a lot more popular excursions — Countryside excursion and Island-hopping Tour. They are popular for a reason — they highlight some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the province. If your resort or hotel is in Panglao, you might also want to explore the island, too. Here’s a sample 3D2N itinerary. note that this travel plan is based on the assumption that you’re taking a packaged excursion from your hotel or resort.

Day 1 – Arrival, Countryside Tour
07:00 am – Arrival at Tagbilaran Airport
07:30 am – check in at resort
09:00 am – start of Countryside Tour: Tagbilaran, Baclayon, Albur
11:30 am – Loboc River Cruise
01:30 pm – Loboc Tour, chocolate Hills
06:00 pm – Back to resort/hotel and dinner

Day 2 – Island-Hopping Tour
05:30 am – Depart for the islands
06:00 am – Island-hopping tour
04:00 pm – Back at the resort

Day 3 – Panglao Island, Departure
07:00 am – excursion Panglao Island: Hinagdanan Cave, etc.
11:30 am – Lunch at Bohol Bee Farm
02:00 pm – check out
04:00 pm – flight back to Manila

Check rates and Availability Here
Budget Breakdown

If you’re a group bigger than six, prepare at least P4500 for this trip, excluding the airfare. The bigger your group, the lower the cost because that indicates a lot more people sharing the expenses. Here’s the normal cost of things you might consider taking for this trip:

Car rental – P1500 to P2500 per automobile (usually with driver)
Motorcycle rental – P300 to P1000 depending on the unit
Boat rental – P1500 to P2500 depending on the boat size

Vstupné poplatky
Baclayon museum – P25 per head
Chocolate Hills –  P50 per head
Loboc River cruise – from P450 per head
Tigbao Hanging Bridge – P15 per head
Balicasag Island – P150 per head

Note that if you’re taking a travel package, these entrance fees may have already been included. Ask the excursion organizer to confirm. These rates may have also been outdated considering that my last visit.

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