When I very first stop my full-time task years ago, I foolishly believed I would be able to travel much more smoothly. No more bosses, no more overtimes, as well as no more filing of a leave of absence or asking for permission if I want to travel somewhere. boy was I mistaken. It was only hassle-free when I was traveling domestically. however the minute I tried to get out of the country, it ended up being oh-so-clear that as far as worldwide travel is concerned, freelancers have it harder.

Think about it. Being employed full-time proves two things: (1) that you have a steady source of income, as well as (2) that you have a reason to return after the trip. most employers set up payroll bank accounts for their workers as well as have a devoted hr department that data tax documents as well as health and wellness insurance coverage plans (HMO) on their behalf. Freelancers, on the other hand, don’t have that convenience. They commonly have to do all these on their own. as well as since it takes a great deal of time as well as effort, many freelancers select to just do away with it.

But that’s the problem. If you’re a freelancer as well as you see yourself traveling abroad often in the future, I motivate you to offer with the paperwork as early as you can. right here are some tips to make your travel life much easier, based on personal experience.


Get a Certificate of employment from your clients.
Open a bank account as well as save up!
Beef up your travel history.
Get yourself insured.
Take care of the paperwork.
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Get a Certificate of employment from your clients.

Technically, it’s not truly a certificate of employment, just a written recommendation similar to it. This document basically certifies that you are hired or you work for them as a freelancer or consultant.

This was my alternate to a business ID. Remember, immigration Officers (in the Philippines, at least) usually request a business ID, which most freelancers don’t have. What I utilized to do was get some kind of Certificate of employment from my clients. Ideally, it should explain what type of work you do for them as well as since when. It should likewise be signed by your client as well as their get in touch with numbers in situation further info is needed.

For visa applications, I likewise make sure that the document specifies exactly how much money I get from them since most embassies will look for this detail.

Open a bank account as well as save up!

Most embassies as well as consulates need visa applicants to submit a bank certificate and, sometimes, a bank statement. What are they looking for exactly? three things, generally:
How much money you have right now, which will tell them if you can pay for the trip.
What is your typical everyday balance (ADB) for the past 6 months, which will tell them that the money you have right now didn’t magically appear (meaning, that you didn’t borrow money as well as deposit it extremely just recently to fool them).
How old is your account.

So save up as early as you can as well as don’t touch it. one of the very first things I did after quitting my task was produce a bank account as well as fund it with P50,000 at first. then I add more to it every month. This is my cost savings Account. I don’t withdraw from this account except in situation of emergency. This is what I utilize when applying for a visa. I have one more account, which I phone call my “Travel Fund,” since this is what I utilize when I’m on a trip.

Because of this, I never concern about bank certificates as well as statements.

Beef up your travel history.

Since our Euro trip, one of the most typical messages we get are those asking for tips on exactly how to make sure their Schengen visa application gets authorized even when:

You don’t have bank records (or any type of proof that you can support the trip financially), and

You have no proof that you have a source of earnings (no ITR, no certificate of employment, no business registration docs)

We were in this setting before. however here’s what we did: WE WAITED. After all, we were in NO rush to see Europe. We took our time. While waiting, we did set up a bank account as well as worked on other documents.

Also, We traveled to VISA-FREE countries so we might beef up our travel history. We started with Southeast Asia. Then, we moved on to Japan, Korea, as well as Australia, which are great products on our “travel resume” however fairly simple to acquire. We believed that if the embassy saw that we visited a great deal of other countries before as well as returned without issue, we’d have a bigger possibility of getting approved.

We wished to make sure that when we lastly apply, we’re positive it will get approved. We don’t want any type of rejection on our record since it may impact our future applications.

We’re not stating you should do the same. What we wanna ask is: Do you truly requirement to go to these hard-to-reach countries soon soon soon? Can it wait? perhaps we requirement more time to prepare?

It’s a typical narrative among my freelance friends, who used for Schengen as well as us visas early on as well as got rejected. They did the paperwork as well as beefed up their travel history. When they tried again, their applications were approved.

Get yourself insured.

First things first, Philhealth. If you stop your full-time job, possibilities are, your previous employer paid for your Philhealth. in that case, don’t stop. You’re gonna have to pay on your own however bring on.

If you never had Philhealth protection before, indication up. Je to ľahké. You can even pay for the entire year, if you can’t be bothered every month.

I understand this since just 5 months after resigning, I was hospitalized for the very first time in almost 20 years. I ended up costs a great deal on hospital bills, something that I might have avoided had I been with Philhealth still.

Better yet, get a health and wellness insurance coverage from prominent HMOs (Health maintenance Organizations) for as low as P18,000 a year. “Several HMOs in the country have inexpensive bundles designed for self-employed individuals,” states finance professional as well as a great friend, Fitz Villafuerte. “And the very best thing about these medical protection is that you can utilize it ON top of the benefits you get from PhilHealth!”

Also, think about buying travel insurance coverage every time you travel. Don’t believe it’s a squander of money. If you don’t get to utilize it, great. If time comes that you requirement it, you’ll be thankful you have it.

Take care of the paperwork.

I’m registered now. as well as I swear, it just made my life much easier.

In my early years of travel blogging, I was a freelancer without any proof of employment. It was tough. like I said, when applying for a visa, they request a certificate of employment. When passing with Immigration, they request business ID. At the time, I had none of those!

So I registered my service as a business. As self-employed, I now have business registration documents. All these are accepted by immigration as well as embassies, almost without question. The whole process may be tedious as well as overwhelming. There are a great deal of steps as well as I had to offer with three private institutions: the SEC, the BIR, as well as the regional government (for the Mayor’s Permit). Thankfully, a good friend of mine is an accountant as well as he offered to process the registration for me. I likewise hired a bookkeeper to handle my taxes.

This method I get to have the following:

a business ID

business registration documents


Stojí to za to. It’s just easier to travel when you have the papers to prove that you have a job, or in this case, a business. as well as I don’t concern about getting offloaded anymore.

These tips are not fail-proof. Visa applications are still judged on a case-to-case basis. however it will surely help.

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